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PUMA - PJ0018O-006

Eye Exams for kids are absolutely vital , contact our rooms today to book a comprehensive eye exam for your child with Natasha Jeenah , an experienced optometrist with an interest in Pediatrics ,Dyslexia Screening , Reading Assessments , Color Vision , Squints , Double Vision , Screen time assessment and various other aspects of Paediatric eye care , further consultations available with Dr Hasrod , Ophthalmologist & Eye Surgeon .
Kindly note children’s eye exams are charged at R650 for the initial consult and other screenings or follow ups are billed separately , all medical aids accepted , kindly notify us if you would like to book with the Pediatric Optometrist as this happens on a Monday with Natasha Jeenah only , our other optometrists do not consult kids under 12 .
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PJ0018O-006 48 Optical Frame KID INJECTI




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